An Introduction

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read. I intended to start writing months ago when I began setting up this page but I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to go about it and what I wanted my first post to be. It seems that there was a reason for that and now I’m ready with a direction to take.

A few things will be changing in my life over the coming months which will impact the kind of lingerie I can and will want to buy. That is the main purpose of this blog. To talk about, review and discuss lingerie. However the pieces I will be reviewing once I exhaust my current collection will be different to what I’d originally intended to discuss. I will go into the reasons for that shortly. However the types of lingerie I will be purchasing will likely be things that will be adjustable, free/one size, sports bras, lounge wear and items that fit different sizes. This is because I have to make a physical change to my body, it’s not a want due to the socially acceptable “I need to lose weight” but a need due to the nature of my work.

It may not seem like a big deal to some but it is to me. I’ve only relatively recently come to accept my body, it’s size and varying individual parts and will now have to make a fairly drastic change to it. I have a physically demanding job. Recently I had to take on extra work that was supposed to be temporary. That is now becoming permanent and I am not physically fit enough to cope with the workload and weather in summer. I’m in Sydney, Australia and it can often reach over 40 degrees Celsius for days on end, and working outside in those temperatures without conditioning could potentially be dangerous. So I’m going to be changing my body, making it stronger and fitter so I can cope with my workload. That is going to entail losing weight, at the very least my shape and measurements will change as fat turns to muscle. I’m currently 33 years old, a size 18-20, am 5’6, approximately 106kg, and my measurements are bust 43 inches, waist 37 inches and hips 49 inches. I’m sharing these numbers so when my body does start to visually change size you can still refer to photos and know how things fit at the time, in case you want to know in relation to yourself. As I change I will update these numbers. Currently Instagram and YouTube are the best places to see how I look.

So, because I’m going to be transforming over the coming months, things are going to fit differently now to how they will in the future. I don’t want to be wasteful of both money, time and materials so the kinds of things I’ll be picking to talk about will need to suit and fit a variety of sizes. Hence the need for adjustability, free sizes etc. I may also share thoughts on workout wear but I want to keep my blog and instagram feed related mainly to lingerie. However I will share workout wear on YouTube and possibly Instagram stories.

It may take some time to get through my collection that fits my current size as I simply won’t have a great deal of time to take photos once I start seriously hitting the gym and work amps up. So some things won’t necessarily be the newest on the market, but hopefully you all won’t mind too much.

It may seem like I’m making this overly dramatic which isn’t my intention, but it is a radical shift for me as I haven’t made my health a priority for quite some time. Please understand this is not going to be a blog about weight loss. I’m not interested in making this about that. It’s also triggering for many and I understand that. The only reason I’m really talking about this change is because it impacts how and what I’ll be buying and talking about. If you follow my Instagram it’s also going to be obvious as I’ll no doubt share some time at the gym! At the very least I’ll be putting sports bras and knickers through their paces. If a thong causes chafing during squats or lunges, I’ll be sure to share. If a sports bra leaves welts from being too damn tight or the wire rubs at my underarms I’ll tell you. I think that’s helpful information, one of the purposes of this blog!

For today I think that’s all I wanted to talk about. I hope good things are coming and I’m exited for this change and for this blog. It’ll be nice to have a place to share my voice. Even if I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!



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