Wilde Dreams

Today I am finally doing a blog review. It’s been quite some time since my introduction and I simply haven’t taken the time to write a proper review of any lingerie I’ve purchased, here on my blog. I thought it only fitting to start with the Wilde Collection from Bordelle.

Bordelle is a brand I have only recently come to truly appreciate. I never really thought I could fit into any of their items so they weren’t necessarily on my radar to purchase from. Though I certainly admired their designs. They have increased some of their size range but only incrementally, so whilst I appreciate the effort, especially from a smaller brand, they are far from being plus size inclusive. That being said they do have the benefit of designing highly adjustable items which is how I have come to own some pieces from the Wilde Collection. I do also own two other pieces which I did mini reviews of on my Instagram if you are interested in those – the 10 year anniversary collection bodysuit and briefs.

This collection was highly sought after and many pieces have sold out on their website and indeed from the stockist I have access to, Baby Likes To Pony. Sadly I missed out on the waspie but I did snag the soft wrap bra, thong and garters. The bra and thong are both in a LL which in my opinion is considered an XL and the garters were one size. For me the stand out colourway by far was the pink and navy, which is what I purchased. I wasn’t as enamoured of the green or powder blue.

First I have the say the quality is wonderful. The contrast between the navy and pink is gorgeous, the fabric is truly fabulous to look upon, delicate seeming but with enough sturdiness that you aren’t going to tear it if you tug a little (though obviously not roughly!), the elastic is soft, pliable and stretchy, the adjustability is phenomenal and it’s stunning to look at. I love the pieces I got. The garters are also versatile and can also be used as a necklace/choker or if you have thick arms like myself as arm bands if you so choose. Though if you want to avoid them digging into your thighs I would suggest wearing them lower on your legs if you’re my size or if the digging doesn’t bother you then wear them how you please. In my opinion my leg circumference is towards the top end of where digging/bulging will occur.

Now onto some other things I noticed. As I said this is not designed for plus size or in my opinion fuller busts, at least not in the soft wrap bra LL size. The thong has plenty of adjustability and stretch and if you don’t mind some digging on your hips, could accommodate someone larger than me (my hips currently measure 48 inches). The bra could also accommodate a larger width in terms of chest, however there will be little to no coverage of the breasts. Realistically and if I’m honest with myself, the bra is too small for my breast cup size. It only just covers my areolas if I’m careful how I place my breasts. Any forward movement and spillage will absolutely occur. It still provides lift and I think looks sexy but it’s not functional for everyday wear and if I am to wear it out I would need a tight fitting top or bodysuit over it to ensure I don’t completely spill out of it.

So why did I buy it? Because I truly absolutely loved the collection. I can make the bra work, the thong fits nicely though it does twist at the front where the tag is due to my stomach overhang but again with something tight over it, it’s not an issue. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily recommend someone of my size buying these items without trying them and knowing how they fit, I would recommend them if you know what you’re getting into and love the brand and want to support it.

Bordelle is expensive, at least to me and in my opinion the “average” person, whatever that really means. Certainly not for the wealthy or those that can have bespoke pieces made by the most elite designers, but I consider it a luxury brand. So if you’re going to invest in a piece or pieces and you’re plus size or on the larger end of their size range, definitely try on before you buy, if you can. Not every piece will fit the same obviously but whenever possible try before you buy if you’re like me and don’t want to throw money away on something that you can’t make work even with some finagling. Whilst I am glad I can make these pieces work and I absolutely adore what I’ve purchased I will be more careful and conscientious in the future to make sure I have a better fit. Because when I spend over $700 on three items I don’t want to have to make it work, I want it to fit like a damn dream and make me look and feel amazing without mucking around making sure my nipples aren’t going to pop out at any moment.

Wilde soft wrap bra AUD $320

Wilde strap thong AUD $175

Wilde garters AUD $220

All purchased from Baby Likes to Pony.

I have also provided some photos for reference. They are all of me, some taken professionally by @Orkadium on Instagram and some very unprofessionally by me. The ones I took are to show how the soft wrap bra looks layered under the 10 year anniversary bodysuit, so you are able to get an idea of where the straps will sit.

Measurements at time of writing this:

Bra size: 36F/38E

Overbust: 42 inches

Underbust: 35 inches

Leg circumference of where garters sit in photo: 24 inches

Hip: 48 inches

So there you have it! I hope this review was helpful.



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