Medusa be Mine

I’d been eyeing the Medusa bodysuit from Thistle and Spire since I first saw it on their Instagram page. I missed out on the first release but that’s mainly because I hesitated. I wasn’t sure it would fit, as at the time I think I had a mental fart and didn’t know it went to a size XL. When they restocked I checked their website, saw it went to an XL, and grabbed it right away. I was still outside their size guide but not by a huge amount. I have since changed size slightly and match the size guide for the bust and underbust, and that is the size I was/am in the photos attached to this post. I had also seen photos of @laceandhaze and asked her opinion on fit, stretch factor etc which she kindly gave.

Now my experience with the brand has been pleasant. They’ve been perfectly professional on Instagram and both times I’ve ordered the packages have come quickly. I ordered another bodysuit on sale which I won’t be reviewing as it’s no longer available, but for interaction purposes I thought I would mention it. The Medusa bodysuit cost me in total AUD $138.85, $116.45 for the bodysuit, I had a 15% coupon for joining their mailing list, and $22.40 for shipping. I ordered on the 18/11/19 and received my package 21/11/19 which is phenomenally fast in my experience for shipping from the USA to Australia. They did use a courier company, I think it was FedEx but I’m not positive. In terms of price, for the quality, unusual snake design and the fact it’s a smaller brand, in my opinion it’s more than reasonable.

Since I’ve now discussed my experience with the brand and shipping, let’s talk about the actual piece. Do I like it? Yes, very much. Is it perfect? No, not for me. The overall design of the bodysuit, excluding the snake motif, looks fairly simple and I have seen other brands do something similar. However I haven’t seen (so far) anyone with this kind of colouring for the tulle/mesh. In my opinion it suits a wide range of skin tones and I’m very pleased to see different shapes, sizes and skin tones on their website and Instagram feed. The real piece de resistance though is the snake embroidery. It’s special and brings the bodysuit alive. On me it could almost look like a tattoo on my skin and I absolutely adore it, and it’s why I purchased it. It does now also come in different colour ways. At the time of writing this it’s available in what the brand terms “peacock” which is a lovely blue, and I believe they will be adding more options in the future. The tulle/mesh looks to be the same colour, but the trimming, the neck satin, the edging, the crotch and the embroidery are all blue. Whilst it’s pretty and I like it, for me personally it doesn’t pack the same punch as the black. Though I would consider buying the bralette and briefs. However I’m waiting to see what other options they bring out.

About the fit…as I mentioned I am slightly outside their size range, but not by much and only on the bottom end. In fact my bust measurements are exactly the same as their size chart…42 inch bust, 35 inch underbust. Their size guide for the waist is 34 inches, mine is 36 inches, and their hip is 45 inches, whereas mine is 48 inches. I have no issue with how the bottom half of the bodysuit fits. In fact I think it fits well and looks great. The part at the back where it clasps together is in the perfect position, it covers my back rolls and is comfortable. The back is also stretchier than the front as it’s made of a stretchy mesh. The front does not have the same type of stretch because of the snake embroidery, it’s got a tiny bit of give but it’s not what I would consider stretchy. That’s where the fit is less than perfect. I don’t have a long torso, in fact most of my height comes from my legs (I’m 5’6) so if you’re on the taller side and you’re busty, in my opinion this isn’t going to be comfortable for long periods. It could fit but it will give you neck pain. In fact that’s my problem, and I’m only average in height. If I wear this the way it fits in the photos, my neck will be aching within a couple of hours. The part at the neck which keeps the bodysuit on and up is made of non stretch satin and ties behind the neck. Combined with the non stretch tulle of the front it means I have to pull it up tightly, squashing my breasts and putting a lot of pressure on my neck to support them. Whilst it is adjustable and you can loosen it, if it’s not tied tightly the aesthetic of the piece is kind of ruined. Therein lies my main issue with this piece. I understand the front can’t be stretchy because of the embroidery, but if I could change anything, it would be the way it fits at the neck. If there was any way to change the design to one with a clasp that would be brilliant, but if not, even a stretchy satin would make it much more comfortable and wearable for the bustier customer. Keep in mind however I am not an expert and this is only my opinion. I have no idea how much it would cost to make these changes and if it would be possible for a smaller brand to eat the cost of that change.

All in all I very much like the bodysuit. It’s not perfect but I didn’t really expect it to be. I can still wear it and if I do wear it for longer periods I let comfort take over aesthetics, and loosen the neck tie. But for the photos I wanted to show how it’s supposed to fit and look. I think there will be improvements in future collections and I’m excited to see where the brand goes and how it grows. There is only one other thing I didn’t like, and it’s not the piece, it’s actually the tag. Sounds petty I know but the tag was the same on both items I purchased, and I really hated it. If you leave it on and put whatever you’ve purchased away, if you accidentally pull it out of your drawer quickly or it gets tangled with something else (surely I’m not the only one that lets their drawers become messy!?) it could tear the fabric. Either by the plastic pulling out of the fabric or the tag cutting the fabric if it’s delicate which tulle and mesh tend to be. Not a deal breaker and only something I noted as I feel like it didn’t quite match the aesthetic and vibe of Thistle and Spire.

So there you have it. My thoughts, opinion and review of the Medusa bodysuit in a size XL from upcoming and interesting brand Thistle and Spire. Will I purchase from them again? Yes. Do I recommend them? Yes. I simply hope this has helped if you needed information about the fit, fabric and experience. It’s not my intention to sell you a product or brand, or alternatively to berate and dismiss a brand, simply to tell you what I think and hope that it helps you make an informed decision.



All photos taken by @orkadium

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