On Kew!

So today’s post is going to be about the Kew high neck bodysuit by Bordelle purchased with my own money on sale direct from the Bordelle website in the colour Morello. These are my opinions, in no way have I been paid or asked for the review. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get into it.

I purchased the bodysuit in a size L for £127.50 whilst on sale with a weekend that had free international shipping. I saved £40 on shipping and I believe the original price was around the £180 mark. To say I was ecstatic is probably an understatement though I was bummed I missed out on the navy, as it’s a favourite colour of mine in lingerie and clothing. I think it took approximately 2-3 weeks to arrive which considering the pandemic and that I’m in Australia and didn’t pay for expedited shipping, I feel is reasonable.

Now since my last review, my body size has changed fairly significantly. I will leave my measurements below along with more recent photos but if you wish to see how I used to look please see my other posts or earlier photos on Instagram @tru.reviewer.

I mention this because I am now pretty well within the size guide for Bordelle’s L or LL though perhaps my hips are a little bigger than their recommendations. I had previously tried the LL on at Baby Likes to Pony when I was larger but found from a quick first impression that it was uncomfortable around the neck and too short in the body. I would have gone for the LL when I did finally order, if it was available, but it was sold out, though I wasn’t too concerned as I was familiar with the fabric and had a vague impression of the fit from the try on instore earlier.

The mesh fabric is similar if not identical to the 10 year anniversary bodysuit which I purchased in black in a LL last year. So I feel comfortable saying it’s great quality. Durable but lightweight, incredibly soft against the skin and very stretchy (though as with anything the stretch can only go so far). Good quality because I have not treated the black bodysuit with as much respect as I should. I have machine washed it (eek!) in a lingerie bag on the hand wash cycle on multiple occasions and it’s still as lovely as the day I bought it. All the hardware is intact, there’s no damage to the mesh, no piling and no real signs of wear that I noticed. When I washed the Kew bodysuit (by hand!) I did notice the colour ran a bit so please do keep that in mind when you first wash in case you have other items with it.

Now my thoughts on Kew Morello. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. In terms of the look and style I actually prefer it over the 10 year anniversary bodysuit because I feel the lines of it enhances my shoulders and arms, and it makes me feel elegant, sophisticated and sexy. The colour is also beautiful and lush and sets off my skin tone nicely. It layers well with the Minerva bra from their signature collection (review coming soon!) and looks great dressed up or down. The bottom half of the bodysuit is also either the same or very similar to the 10 year anniversary bodysuits in terms of where the strap at the back sits at the waist as well as the cut/shape of the leg/hip area.

Now the sizing. To be perfectly honest I can’t feel a big difference between the length in the 10 year LL and the Kew L. There may be slightly more room at the back of the waist with the strap for the LL but to me it doesn’t feel like much of one, certainly not a whole size worth. The length of the bodysuit, in my opinion, is quite short. If you have a long torso I think you may struggle with it. There’s no length adjustment but there is a swan hook closure at the top of the bum crack (what else to call it!?) where it attaches to the mesh that hugs your hips/bottom. This is the only flaw in the design that I can see, or rather feel. This little closure turns it from near perfect to great but slightly uncomfortable. You wouldn’t think something so small would make such a difference but it does! The torso length would be short but fine without that closure. With the closure, because the torso length is short, when sitting down it presses quite hard up against my tailbone/butt crack and after a little while it damn well hurts! It’s not a dealbreaker but it is definitely a downside and something to keep in mind if planning to wear it all day or whilst sitting for long periods. This though is the only “flaw” that I can see. I’m not particularly tall nor do I have a long torso so it’s a bit of a surprise. I thought it only happened with the 10 year anniversary bodysuit because it was tighter on me than was designed, when I first purchased it. Alas that’s not the case, so perhaps just the way Bordelle does their bodysuits. I have also purchased the Moa bodysuit which I will also review once I’ve had the chance to wear it and get a better understanding of the fit etc.

So all in all, I very much like the Kew high neck bodysuit and if given the opportunity would purchase the navy colourway despite its imperfections. For me the way it looks and feels outweighs the uncomfortable. I also found it easy to style as outerwear both because of the design and colour. I would recommend it if you love Bordelle and bodysuits. If you don’t have the opportunity to try it on before ordering, simply keep in mind the things I’ve mentioned and decide whether they bother you or not.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed composing it.

Xx Tru


Bust: 37 inches

Underbust: 33 inches

Waist: 30 inches

Hip: 43 inches

Height: 5’5 – 5’6 depending on who measures!

Kew high neck bodysuit sz L rear view
Kew high neck bodysuit sz L front view

10 year anniversary bodysuit sz LL rear view
10 year anniversary bodysuit sz LL front view

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