I’ll take a Kilo (Brava) please!

After a much longer hiatus than expected I’m back with a review of some slip dresses from brand Kilo Brava. As always all items were purchased by myself, this is not a sponsored or paid blog review and all opinions are my own. Now let’s get started!

When I purchased these items I’ll admit I didn’t know much about the brand. I just loved the prints. I have since started looking more into Kilo Brava and so far I’m liking what I find. I’m not doing an in-depth review on the brand itself, it’s more about the pieces, but if you care to look at who you’re purchasing from, there doesn’t seem to be anything nefarious to discover. I will mention I picked these pieces up from Playful Promises Australia as it was easily accessible for me, and I believe two of the pieces are exclusive to their sites (Australian, UK & USA based).

Okay, so the first piece I got was the Teal Tiger satin cowl midi slip dress. It came to my attention via Cassie aka The Lingerie Raven (instagrammer and blogger extraordinaire). I immediately fell in love but at the time my size was fluctuating and I knew it wasn’t stretchy so I waited. Also at that point I didn’t know it was stocked through Playful Promises. Then I found it on sale for half price making is $45 AUD plus shipping.

Not all that long after I got the Teal Tiger, the exclusive prints with the Mustard Zebra and Green Moon Snake were released and I literally pounced on them. They were $88 AUD each and I qualified for free shipping.

The Teal Tiger and Green Moon Snake I got in a size medium or Australian 10 and the Mustard Zebra in a size L or Australian 12. These were the sizes available at the time.

Now my thoughts on the slip dresses overall. They’re super cute, fun, fresh and the prints are quite unusual. I personally haven’t seen any other brand doing anything similar, not around the same price point, or even at a higher one. Certainly there’s beautiful silks and colours out there but not with these kinds of designs. Perhaps I just haven’t seen them. In any case I think they’re a wonderful addition to the lingerie/loungewear market. There are plain colours available but that wasn’t what sold me on trying the brand. I like the unusual, the colourful, innovative and different and gravitate towards that most of the time.

In terms of the design itself, from a laypersons perspective, it seems quite simple, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that at all. Especially considering the colours and prints, keeping the design clean and elegant makes the dresses themselves and the prints really pop. I’m not sure I can choose a favourite, I love all three! Can you? The cowl neckline and fairly low back with the lacing adds a sexiness as well, that I personally like. You can adjust the tie at the back to have the front sit lower or higher, depending on preference. If you’re particularly busty though you may need to have it quite low as it may be too tight when up higher, which will make it quite boobalicious. Again I don’t think that’s a bad thing, just something to be aware of if it’s not your preference.

In my opinion it’s not a dress to wear a bra with. Whatever bra you choose will show, and sometimes that’s good if it’s a beautiful bra made to be seen, however with these dresses I think it spoils the overall feel of them, but that’s just my opinion. You could style it up with a bodysuit underneath and make it more appropriate for cooler weather and then a bra would be fine, but if you’re planning on wearing it as is, I think sans bra would be better. However I’m happy to be proven wrong! Do send me images if you see someone styling it up well.

The sizing…here’s probably my only concern and minor criticism. As I mentioned I got two different sizes. After purchasing the first dress I felt that it would be nice to have a bit more space in the hips and booty, so when I ordered the others I went up a size. The only reason I didn’t get the larger size in all three was because they weren’t available when I ordered. The Teal Tiger was on sale so there were limited sizes left, and at the time the others released and I checked the Green Moon Snake was sold out in the large so I just got the medium. The Mustard Zebra was the only one available in the bigger size. Honestly there isn’t a big difference between the sizes, at least not where I wanted the extra space, and to my great surprise I actually prefer the look of the smaller size. It’s unnoticeable in photos I think, but the fit is a little better in person. There didn’t seem to be much more space in the hips or booty with the large, but the length is slightly longer, there’s a little more space around the waist and at the back where the laces are. Great if you’re a different shape to me, but because my waist/hip ratio is rather large I had more fabric where I didn’t need it, not enough where I did. My proportions are unusual though so I understand not everything will fit the way it’s designed but I was surprised there wasn’t more of a difference in the hip area. That’s my only minor criticism.

To me, these are excellent slip dresses to add to your collection if you fancy bold prints, colours and something a little different. The print designs are simple in terms of detail, I believe they’re digitally printed, but instantly recognisable. The fabric is a polyester and spandex mix (though I don’t know where the spandex went because they’re definitely not stretchy), which is nice to the touch. Keep in mind it is polyester though so you will sweat and wet marks will show but it’s a quick drying fabric. It seems quite sturdy, unlike some silks, so it could be decently durable (though I did catch the zebra one on something, probably a cats claw so there’s some faint runs but I’m the only one that would notice thankfully as the print covers it up nicely. And it was entirely my fault, not the garments’). They’re comfortable and sexy…I did nap in one but that’s not what I bought them for. Though you certainly could wear them as sleepwear if you chose. For me though, I wear them when I want to be comfortable but still stylish, at home as well as out and about (not that I’m out much these days, sadly!)

I think the only other thing of note is the zebra dress is described as mustard. It’s definitely more of a sunshine yellow but I’m glad of that as I love the bright colour. I suspected as such when I ordered and I’m glad I was right as I’m generally not a fan of mustard colours.

All in all, I’m very pleased with my choices. I would recommend them and would purchase from the brand again.

I hope the review has been helpful! Photos are attached to show the fit on me. My measurements at the time of the photos for reference are below.

Bust: 37 inches

Underbust: 32 inches

Waist: 29 inches

High hip: 40.5 inches

Low hip: 42.5-43 inches

Xx Tru

Teal Tiger

Mustard Zebra

Green Moon Snake

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