Turn and face the strange…ch-ch-changes! Bra/bikini by La Fille D’o

I’d been wanting to try a bra from La Fille d’O for quite some time. I hesitated ordering direct because of the current circumstances regarding international shipping (bloody Covid) in case the fit wasn’t right. I didn’t want to have to return it. Luckily my favourite lingerie boutique Baby Likes to Pony received their long delayed shipment and I jumped on the piece I wanted.

I ordered the Changes bikini/bra in black in a size 5. It was $190 AUD plus $16 AUD shipping for a total of $206 AUD. La Fille d’O has their own unique adjustable sizing which I won’t go into in-depth. I suggest checking their size chart, trying a piece in person if possible, and/or contacting them direct for fit advice. I’d been lucky enough to try a similar style in a different fabric in-store a few months ago so I had a general idea of the fit.

My size is around a 32F Australian/UK. Though depending on the style I could be a 32E. My breast tissue is extremely soft and malleable, I have fairly wide set breasts, fuller on the bottom, some loose skin and a flared rib cage. I was a little concerned at first about the monowire as I didn’t know how hard it was going to be but it turns out I needn’t have worried.

The bra is extremely lightweight, so light in fact I was surprised and thought it was going to be flimsy. It’s not! The monowire works really well for me. It stays in place, doesn’t press or hurt anywhere, gives enough support for me and pleases my eye aesthetically. I’ve not worn this in the water but I have worn it on days where I’m extremely active and need comfort and security. The fabric of the cup itself is soft and stretchy, and the elastic of the straps and band, though fairly narrow, giving a barely there look, don’t dig or cause pain. I’m not sure what magic was used in crafting the bra but I’m very pleased with it.

The straps of the bra are also convertible. I’ve taken pictures of the two ways I’ve worn it, standard two strap and criss crossed at the back. It can also be worn halter style. One strap is completely removable whilst the other is only partially removable so as not to lose both straps rendering the bra useless. Clever notion! One told to me by Meg, the proprietor of Baby Likes to Pony. I can’t speak to the comfort level of wearing it halter style as I didn’t try it that way. However worn either of the two other ways, it’s very comfortable. My preference is criss crossed.

There’s probably only one minor issue I noticed with the bra. I like to wear my straps a little looser than is technically designed, when worn with the standard two straps. If I do that with this bra I find them sliding off my shoulders. That’s a very rare occurrence for me. I have quite wide shoulders, so if you’re busty but narrow shouldered I think the width of the bra could potentially be too wide. According to the size guide the smallest band size the 5 should fit is a UK 32/AUS 10. Although I agree and my opinion is it fits true to size I did notice the straps sliding and thought it worth mentioning.

The shape the bra gives is like a no makeup makeup look. It enhances what you have without being super obvious and in my opinion gives a natural slightly lifted shape to the breasts. At least that’s what I get! It’s not a super push up bra but it gives just enough lift to look sexy on its own or streamlined and barely there under clothes. Keep in mind I do have quite a bit of sag due to weight loss so if you’re naturally fuller busted with firmer tissue the look could be different. But I still think it would look amazing on most people.

All in all though I think this was an excellent purchase decision. As always all opinions are my own, I purchased the item wth my own money, I’m not an affiliate of the brand or store and I haven’t been compensated in any way for this review.

I’ll be wearing this bra ALOT! I’ll probably even purchase the same style in one of their other fabrics and colour ways. I think the price is reasonable for the quality, design and relative uniqueness of the piece. Of course there are other places to get monowire bras however I haven’t tried them so can’t speak to their quality or fit. I can say I’m impressed thus far with the La Fille d’O piece and would recommend it if it appeals to you.

Xx Tru

Measurements at time of review

Bust: 37 inches

Underbust: 32 inches

Standard two strap (I forgot to take a fully rear view 🙄)
Criss crossed rear view
Close up Criss crossed rear view

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