Oh my my my Minerva…A Bordelle signature.

I purchased Bordelle’s Minerva bodice bra in black around May/June 2020. It was part of my birthday gift as I wanted something to wear with my clothes, that was beautiful and interesting when visible, with a gorgeous back. It was not the original piece I’d intended to get, in fact I’d ordered the Bondage Belle crop, but due to a miscommunication on my part (at the time I didn’t realise there were multiple items in the Bondage Belle range) the wrong piece was organised. I wasn’t keen on the piece that was ordered and so Minerva was suggested to me by Meg, the lovely proprietor of Baby Likes to Pony, and with a RRP of $690AUD, hesitantly, I decided to give it a try. I’m very glad I did!

At the time Minerva only just fit me in the size LL. I had some overflow in the breast department and the band was the loosest it could go. Nevertheless I was in the midst of my weight loss journey and knew with the adjustability that it would fit if I lost more weight, and was willing to deal with the slight double boobage in the mean time. It wasn’t super obvious unless I wore something tight over the top anyway. And so I invested in the most expensive bra I had ever bought until that point, in my life. Actually I think it still is the single most expensive bra in my collection. Not that cost is the most defining factor in what makes me choose something, but I’ll be honest and say it certainly plays a part.

The deciding factor for me though, usually and certainly in this case, is how it makes me feel. I tend to make decisions about lingerie based on emotion, rather than logic, most of the time. Though of course there are exceptions. At the time, I felt lucky. Lucky that it fit, lucky to be in the position to purchase it, lucky that it was exactly what I’d been looking for in a bra. I still feel lucky and blessed that it’s something I am able to have in my collection.

I can definitely see why Minerva is one of their signature pieces. It’s available in their fours classic colours and if I had an endless amount of funds I’d own it in every colour!

So obviously by now you realise I love Minerva. It’s an incredible piece. Highly adjustable, versatile and beautiful. If you’re wanting a piece as an investment, in my opinion you can’t go wrong with this one. Whether you choose to wear it with the choker attached, as a standard two strap or strapless there’s enough detail to keep the piece interesting on its own if worn as a crop top, or styled as outerwear, but simple and streamlined enough to wear under clothing. Obviously if you wear something skin tight the hardware will show through but anything other than skin tight and it will be discrete. The hardware is sturdy but not overly chunky or out of place in the design. In fact I feel it’s what elevates this piece to a work of art.

In terms of support, I felt supported when I had a bigger bust (even with overflow) and still do now. As it’s so adjustable you can make the band quite tight if you need it for strapless wear or looser for comfort. The elastic is firm but moulds to suit your shape over time. This is my most worn piece from Bordelle. There are others that I like the look of more, but in terms of cost per wear, versatility and longevity, this will likely be number one for quite some time! I can’t say it’s the most comfortable piece I’ve ever worn but once I got used to it and it softened to my body it definitely got more comfortable and I can wear it all day. However if I tighten it too much it does hurt, but I do have a flared ribcage so I tend to wear most bras a little looser than I probably should.

I’ve no doubt forgotten some important things to mention but all in all Minerva is a really incredible piece and if you’re looking to purchase your first Bordelle item or want it to fit into your existing collection I don’t think you’d be disappointed with it.

I’ve attached photos with the standard two strap and my measurements at the time of the photos for reference. I had tightened it for the images…a little too much (you can see in image 1 it’s causing slight double boobage/overflow I mentioned earlier) and I would definitely wear it looser for comfort.

Xx Tru

Bust: 36.5 inches

Underbust: 32 inches

A little too tight as you see the cup causing some overflow/double boobage.
Rear view
Another rear view
Front view
Side view

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